"Husbands, love your wives,
just as Christ loved the church
and gave himself up for her."
~ Ephesians 5:25
I am glad to have you visit www.blessyourmarriage.com. It is
my hope that you, your spouse, and family will be blessed
from this visit. For the current month's B.Y.M. Letter, please click
on the
B.Y.M Letters link. For more blessings, please also visit
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What's The B.Y.M. Letters?
It’s a short easy-to-read one page monthly newsletter to
encourage men as husbands, and should take about 3-5 minutes
to read. Each letter will include practical ideas, resources, and
motivation to bless your marriage.

Why The B.Y.M. Letters?
Because life gets so busy, we so easily get distracted from
what’s important to us—our marriages. We need reminders,
resources, encouragements, and accountability. We need to
spur one another on to fight apathy, ambivalence, and passivity.

Why B.Y.M. & Me?
For many years, God has been establishing in me a heart for
families and the importance to build strong marriages—my
own, as well as encourage others.

B.Y.M. & You
Please forward this site to those you think the B.Y.M. Letters
would be a blessing to. Or print out The BYM Letters and pass it
to your friends and family. Thank you.
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The home of the B.Y.M. Letters
The home of the B.Y.M. Letters
Welcome friends
Welcome friends